My name is Carolina, I'm coordinator of the Our Blue Hands project. I am an environmental manager, technical in meteorology and master in geosciences. I am currently developing research on the use of watershed and plastic pollution. The Our Blue Hands project sees citizen science as a power to build networks. I also believe that only the information and the filling of gaps of them, is that they are the real priorities of research in our Coastal Zone. The project understands that the Ocean has no barriers as well as the problem of garbage at sea, which is why we need all hands involved.


​Dr. Ana Carolina Mazzuco, mother, biologist, scientist, data manager and current president of Deep Blue:

"Our Blue Hands is a pioneering initiative in Brazil for integrated and collaborative monitoring on marine pollution with a focus on micro-plastic. I believe that this project will be fundamental to encourage the use of good practices and international protocols in the monitoring of plastic waste on beaches and ocean, bringing indicators for decision making and efficient tools for environmental education"


Msc Bianca Tocci, Oceanographer, Consultant and Environmental Manager, Entrepreneur at Phytoplank, Vice President of Deep Blue Ambiental: 

"Our Blue Hands is a necessary and innovative initiative in Brazil. Quantifying and understand the dynamics of microplastic in coastal areas is of great importance and Urgent. It will be fundamental as a tool for assessing the environmental impacts of coastal waste. Being able to collaborate with this project is very rewarding, not only as an Oceanographer, but also as a citizen."


Marine Conservation and Socio-Environmental Education - Monique Tayla Gabriel Ferreira

In love with the mysteries of the sea! Marine Biologist, graduated in bachelor's degree and bachelor's degree from UNISANTA. Master's student in Integrated Environmental Analysis at UNIFESP, studies Environmental Perception to understand the interrelationship between man and the environment. Experience with participation and development of projects for the third sector and as an environmental educator at the Boto Cinza Institute serving the general public in the cities surrounding the Sepetiba Bay, and in the Grouper Project with socio-environmental themes for traditional communities and schools in the cities of Costa Verde. Currently performs monitoring of beaches with rescue of marine fauna by the Argonauta Institute, and is a collaborator in Viva Instituto Verde e Azul with research on cetaceans from the north coast of São Paulo. She is also a collaborator and correspondent of Our Blue Hands on the impact of garbage on the megafauna. You can find Monique in the email: monique.conservacao@gmail.com or @monique.tayla


Natalia Lemos

Natalia is a diver and underwater photographer, and is currently expanding the project in northeastern Brazil.
Natalia worked on the Project Biology and Ecology of Sharks and Agulhões in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean and in the Coastal Fish Ecology Project on the coast of the State of Pernambuco in Atol das Rocas.
Currently Nati is monitoring the Beach of Maracaípe and the Corals of Porto de Galinhas.


Camila Andreussi

Camila is our bridge with The Island of Campeche, participant of the Program of Conservation of Monitors of the Island in Campeche, she is an oceanographer, Master of UFSC with a focus on plastic pollution and dispersion of pellets.